Case study update: How being prepared for the press got one company 600% ROI

June 20, 2019

One of Proven Media Solutions’ favorite clients to date has been Lumapod. An Austrian-based technology start-up, they contacted us to craft media deliverables, provide high-level strategic recommendations, and develop media relationships ahead of a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their patented travel tripod.

We’ve highlighted our relationship with Lumapod before. We’re doing so again because they recently told us that thousands of dollars came to their Kickstarter campaign — a 600% ROI from what they spent with us — because people clicked from one of the top-tier placements we got for them.

We are really proud to have helped Lumapod raise this much from one placement. Our work with them is a great example of the three-step process to getting desired results from press & publicity.

Step 1: Be prepared

Lumapod spent months designing their product, getting a patent, determining their target market, and establishing credibility through their marketing campaign. They knew who they wanted to reach and what outlets were most important to their target market.

In short, Lumapod did the groundwork for success long before we worked with them. The results showed — they raised a total of $400,000 in under two days, plus over $500,000 more on their IndieGoGo crowdfunding effort which is still ongoing. We were proud to be a part of the Kickstarter success through media placements.

Step 2: Have the right timing

Lumapod contacted us several weeks prior to their Kickstarter launch to prepare for a media push timed to the start of their Kickstarter campaign. This timeline allowed us to fine-tune their messaging, to craft media deliverables, and to carefully time media outreach to the date of the launch.

Media placements days prior to the launch built exposure and interest because there was a valuable news hook — something that wouldn’t have happened had they gotten in the press months before the launch or well after the campaign was underway.

Step 3: Get to the media gatekeepers

Media gatekeepers — producers, reporters, editors, etc. — get hundreds of e-mails each day. Proven Media Solutions’ job was to get past Lumapod through the crowd.

We worked with the Lumapod team to boil down their media list to the ones which were the best of use time and effort. Both teams collaborated to ensure the pitch was tight, informative, and eye-catching — and that the subject line was even more so. Proven Media Solutions then implemented our proven outreach strategy which got Lumapod in front of the right gatekeepers at the desired outlets.

The result? Three media placements, including two at top-tier publications, and a 600 percent ROI for Lumapod from just one of those placements.

Hard work & preparation led to success

Lumapod and Proven Media Solutions worked hand-in-hand to ensure Lumapod’s goals were met. Our experience met their preparation — and the results speak for themselves.

Be sure to let us know how we can get you in the press to accomplish your goals. Contact us today!

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